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These aren’t your basic brushes, bish. Selected by fearless Morphe Babe Bretman Rock, this glam-grabbing lineup of 9 natural and synthetic brushes covers every step of your makeup routine—from liquid foundation, to bold eye looks, to the final pop of highlighter.


9 brushes. 9 ways to rock your world. Get Bretman’s take on each of his baddest brushes.

M510 – (natural hair) “A bomb universal highlighter brush. Need I say more? It’s perfect for subtle highlights or blinding highlights."
E52 – (synthetic bristles) “I use this brush DAILY for powder foundations and loose setting powders.”
M433 – (nautral hair) “Everyone needs this in their kit! It’s perfect for all eyelid shapes and sizes, and blends out eyeshadows so effortlessly.”
M462 – (duo fiber - synthetic/natural) “An underrated brush for LIQUID foundation. It takes effort to blend, but you will get a really nice airbrushed look.”
M705 – (synthetic bristles) “Great for precision, concealing under the brows, and precisely packing on product.”
Y3 – (synthetic bristles) “My favorite blush brush. It blends blushes like a dream.” 
M506 – (natural hair) “This small blending brush is for my girls with small lids, or anyone who wants a precise blending brush.”
R7 – (natural hair) “My go-to contour brush. It’s the perfect size and has a pinched ferrule for contouring the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.”
E10 – (synthetic bristles) “I love this brush for packing on eyeshadow on the lids since it picks up product really well.”  

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Morphe Liquid Lipstick - Nibble
“Creates the perfect dark lip for when I'm feeling feisty and spicy. Which is always.”
Morphe Liquid Lipstick - Peanut
“It’s hard to find the perfect nude for my skin tone. But I finally found it.”
35B Color Burst Eyeshadow Palette
“The brightest palette you’ll ever lay eyes on.”
Morphe Honey Lavender Bristle Shampoo
“So easy to use. Just swirl, twirl, and done.”
Premium Lashes - Total Babe
“Very wispy and long without looking like a busy B.”
Premium Lashes - Heartbreaker
“From smokin’ hot to humble brag, these lashes are good for any eye look.”
35F Fall Into Frost Eyeshadow Palette
“All the cool shades remind me of fall (aka my favorite season).”


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